THALION ANTI-AGE SUN CARE FOR FACE SPF50+, CREAM 50ml / ثاليون كريم للحماية من أشعة الشمس SPF 50 مرطب و مضاد للشيخوخة 50مل

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Anti-ageing Sun Care Face SPF 30

  • The anti-ageing sun care for face SPF30 is a high protection against UVA & UVB rays and prevents from wrinkles and lines dues to sun exposure.
  • Oligosun Cx, exclusive marine complex, ensures an optimum cellular protection. This specific formula prevents from premature ageing as it reduces dryness, slackening and inflammatory reactions.
  • The barrier function of the epidermis is maintained by the association of shea butter, pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin F.
  • This anti-ageing care restructures the epidermis and reinforces its natural protection : the skin is nourished, hydrated and soothed. The elastic capital of the skin is protected thanks to the Ulva lactuca extract and the fibroblast activity is stimulated with the Centella asiatica.
  • Its silky texture and its and its spicy floral scent adds pleasure to its performance. Firmer and toned, the skin is protected, the tan is radiant and durable.
  • Suncare anti-aging