• ADAMA PHARMACIES are the first universal and specialized pharmacies.
  • ADAMA PHARMACIES managed to develop a new concept of customer service through strict attention to the needs of public and private alike.
  • ADMA PHARMACIES become a pioneer in this domain. So far, everyone commends the high-class level service provided.

By the help of God ( Allah) :

  • a staff of medical professionals and specialized high-efficiency at the ready to deal with all cases.
  • ADAMA PHARMACIES offered the availability of cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical products and the diversity of the companies.
  • ADAMA PHARMACIES serving fulfill the needs of the family and medical aspects of their daily needs and public health.
  • we are here to meet customer requests and follow-up to communicate with them and educate them in terms of explaining and clarifying the precise details regarding the products.
  • There is enough space for roaming and view products.

Medicinal preparations distinguish us:

  • ADAMA PHARMACIES Took into consideration highly distinguishes in providing the constitutional medicinal preparations according to the highest international standards and more precise standards and committed to accurately used the latest technology.
  • attracting the best experience and ADAMA PHARMACIES have created a cosmetics medical treatment for all skin problems.

The crossing to the future:

  • ADAMA PHARMACIES are considered the first interactive pharmacy and able to create the first professional website in Arabic and in English.
  • ADAMA PHARMACIES provide all services on website.

The advantages of the site:

  • ADAMA PHARMACY WEBSITE can easily, speed and accuracy in completing the orders, search, preview and purchase, save time, effort and money, privacy and complete confidentiality, diversity in product selection and classification.
  • browsing in both Arabic and English, and rapid updating of products and requirements.
  • ADAMA PHARMACIES'S website considered  a trusted source of information of medical and cosmetics.
  • ADAMA PHARMACIES cover most parts of the Kingdom in the Central Region (Riyadh) and the eastern region (Al Khobar) and the Western Region (Jeddah) .
  • We firmly believe that there is no limit to our ambitions in the future.
  • We do our best to be effective participants in the development of our international profession through the knowledge and mastery of professional skills.
  • So, we hope to be a part of pioneering and effective role in the integration of health services for all categories of society.