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Purify and eliminate with shale extracts and tea tree essential oil.

Diagnosis: Minor spots can appear regularly due to deregulation problem with the sebaceous glands (in adolescents and oily skin) but also occasionally during episodic hormonal fluctuations (all women, all skin types).

Dr. PAYOT SOLUTION: SPECIALE 5 act during the night to PURIFY and ELIMINATE minor spots.

PRESCRIPTION:  On minor spots that have reached maturity or traces of minor spots in the evening SPECIALE 5.



Drying and purifying gel with salicylic acid and tea tree essential lotion.

  • Dries out serosities or minor spots that have reached maturity and promotes healing.
  • Regulates sebaceous secretions and prevents minor spots from returning.
  • In the evening, cover minor spots that have reached maturity and leave to work all night long.
  • In the morning, remove any excess powder with TONIQUE PURIFIANT.