Payot ( Creme N 2)

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Calms and neutralize all feeling of discomfort with liquorice, sesame and corn extracts, and thyme and lavender essential oils.

Diagnosis: irritation, itching and redness are the symptoms of the skin when it reacts to stress; they are above all feelings of discomfort that should be reduced.

These feelings of discomfort appear primarily following:

-        A cutaneous reaction caused by sunburn, superficial minor burns or knocks.

-        Irritation caused by cold, wind, pollution, stress or rubbing.

-        Skin sensitivity after hair removal or shaving.


Dr PAYOT SOLUTION: CRÈME N°2, an incredibly gentle bandage, CALMS and NEUTRALISES all feelings of discomfort.

Free from preservative, it is suitable for even extremely sensitive skin.

It is the ideal treatment for all of the family’s minor skin upsets.



Soothing treatment for diffuse redness.

Anti-irritant, anti-redness treatment care with sesame oil and liquorice extracts.

  • Soothes and relieves all sensations of heat, irritation and itching.
  • Neutralizes redness.
  • Apply in a thick layer and leave to work for 30 minutes to soothe the irritated areas.

Remove with cotton pads soaked in alcohol-free lotion.