HISTOMER (Multi-action wrinkle formula-Cleansing Milk)

S.R 85.00


HISTOMER -Multi-action wrinkle formula-Cleansing Milk

Ideal cleanser for small and deep wrinkles. Improves cell respiration and rapidly revitalizes the whole skin's system. Ingredients stimulates the biological reconstruction process to help fill up small facial expression lines. Stops forming harmful free- radicals and prevents the skin's loss of tonicity.

Due to the ingredient called "Repair Complex CLR" Cleansing milk has a powerful regenerating effect on the skin's DNA damaged by sun rays or altered by the physiological process of ageing. 

Contains the special extracts of STEM CELLS OF Botanical origin(Histomeric Cells).

Main Ingredient and benefits

  • Quercus Robur Root Extract (Quercus Robur) - Embryonic plant cells extracted from oak roots, selected and purified.
  • Fagus Sylvatica Bud Extract (fagus Sylvatica) - Embryonic plant cells extracted from the buds of wild-growing beeches.
  • Bifida Ferment Lysate - Mixture of biological substances obtained through bio-fermentation, known as Repair Complex CLR.
  • Tocopherol, Tocopheryl Acetate - Tocopherol and Tocopheryl Acetate are 2 different forms of vitamin E, indispensable to properly activate cell respiration.
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate - Is a derivative of vitamin C with a brightening and regenerating effect.

How to Use

Apply Wrinkle Formula Cleansing Milk on damp skin and gently massage with a circular motion. Rinse face with water and apply Wrinkle Refining Lotion as the toner.