Hairgrow 5% minoxidil

S.R 62.00


HairGrow Minoxidil 5%

Hairgrow directly stimulates cells in the hair follicles and hair growth ending effective treatment for hair loss.
Showing a remarkable safety management. Low incidence of adverse reactions and their benign nature help manage long-term, strictly necessary in the treatment of alopecia.

The active ingredient is minoxidil 5% solution in 60% alcohol, propylene glycol and water.


androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, alopecia stress. It is effective in strengthening and maintaining hair implant.


Known hypersensitivity to minoxidil.

Secondary reactions:

Rash, erythema, burning, dry skin.

Dosage and Administration:

Hairgrow is applied to dry scalp. The recommended dose is 1 ml (8-s puff) twice daily, applied to the affected areas. Maximum daily dosage should not exceed 2 ml.


The emergence of a clear effect requires daily administration for four months. Achieve maximum effect (in general, doubling the effect of 4-6 months of treatment) is performed 8-12 months of treatment. Maintaining this effect requires continued administration of maintenance doses (1 ml once a day).