Fenistil Gel

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Fenistil Gel

Dimethindene maleate 0. 1%

Indications / Therapeutic use
For skin conditions with itching, e.g. insect bites, mild sunburn over small areas, mild superficial burns, allergic dermatoses over small areas.

Usual dosage / directions for use
Apply to the affected area 2 – 4 times daily.

Restrictions on use
Do not apply the preparation to open wounds or inflamed skin, weeping dermatitis or mucous membranes, nor near the eyes.
Avoid application to large areas. Avoid prolonged exposure of treated areas to sunlight. Use the preparation with precautions in children under 2 years of age.
Pregnancy, breast feeding
As a precautionary measure, avoid the use of Fenistil ® gel during the first three months of pregnancy . Thereafter and during pregnancy and while breast feeding Fenistil ® gel should not be applied over large areas of skin, nor to eroded or inflamed skin.
The gel must not be applied to the nipples during the breast-feeding period.

Side effects
Rarely, transient and mild signs of local inflammation such as dryness of the skin or a burning sensation may be observed. Red patches accompanied by itching may appear on the skin in very rare cases: stop the treatment.