ACM ( Sensitelial SPF 100+ Coloured sunblock cream ) أي سي إم

S.R 110.00


ACM (Sensitelial SPF 100+ Coloured sunblock cream)

Very high sun protection.
Normal skin.

The Sensitelial sunscreen range is specially designed for:

  • Fragile skin sensitive to the sun.
  • Skin prone to sun intolerance (PLE, solar urticaria) and photodermatosis.
  • Photosensitising treatments.
  • Pigmentation disorders.
  • Extremely sunny conditions (altitude, sea).

The combination of organic filters and mineral screens strongly reinforces and optimises the cream’s protection index. The Sensitelial range accordingly covers a wide UVA/UVB spectrum and provides very high sun protection.

Sensitelial also contains extract of pearl, which boosts the protection index*.

Highly effective galenical:

  • Photostable, water-resistant cream.
  • Easy to apply, invisible, fluid texture.
  • Moisturising, anti-ageing qualities.

* Hélioscience - December 2004

Active ingredients
Mineral screens, organic filters, extract of pearl.